Your Card. Your

Your Card. Your Rules.

Use your existing credit card to make all your business payments


Days of extra credit


Instant rewards

15 Lac+



Star Rating

6 Lac+

Transactions Processed


On Time Settlements

Smart Businesses make NXT Level Payments

Upto 50 days of Free Credit

Pay Suppliers, GST, Rent, Utilities, and get 50 days of free credit

Instant Access to capital

Unlock the unutilised limits in your credit cards instantly to make payments

Interest Free

No additional charges, as long as you repay within the credit period

Rewards and Cashback

Earn and get assured cashback for every transaction

No Risk. All Reward.

it's powerful. it's simple. and secure.

Major cards accepted

Step up your Business Payments

Register on the app
Add your
Credit Card
Add payee
bank account

Questions? Look here

Can’t find an answer? email us at!

How do I make the payment?

Simply Log In or Sign up, if you are a New User. Add your Credit Card Details and select your payment category. Make a payment to transfer funds to the Payee. It’s as simple as that.

What documents do I need to submit to be eligible?

None. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. That’s right. Download the app. Create your account, enter your Credit Card details and start making payments & transfers. No long list of documents.

Can I transfer Money to my own bank account?

No. We do not allow the transfer of funds to your own bank account.

How long will the transfer usually take?

We support 2 modes of settlement cycles – Instant which settles the very same day and Classic, which settles on the next working day. You can choose any.

Is BharatNxt secure mode of payment?

Yes, BharatNxt is completely secure as all Financial Transactions are verified under PCI-DSS and SSL Technology.

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