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Pay Vendors with Credit Card Effortlessly Using BharatNXT


Managing vendor payments can often feel like navigating a maze, but BharatNXT is here to change that. By utilizing credit card transactions through BharatNXT, businesses gain access to a host of benefits that not only streamline financial management but also make the process a whole lot easier. With features like up to 50 days of interest-free credit, no credit checks, opportunities to boost credit scores, and enticing rewards such as cashback, BharatNXT provides instant access to much-needed capital. It’s like having a trusted financial companion right at your fingertips, empowering businesses to tackle their financial needs with ease and confidence. 


Consider Sneha, a small business owner, who needs to purchase a bulk order of supplies from a vendor to fulfill a large unexpected client order. Instead of dipping into her savings, she decides to pay the vendor using her business credit card. With this, she gets instant access to the necessary capital without any immediate financial strain. With up to 50 days of free credit, she can sell the client’s order, receive payment, and pay off her credit card balance before any interest accrues, effectively using the bank’s money interest-free. She also receives rewards and cashback on each transaction with business purchases which enhances her cash flow and provides valuable savings. This seamless, efficient payment method not only supports her immediate business needs but also contributes to long-term financial benefits.


See how BharatNXT simplifies vendor payments through credit card transactions, offering the most convenient and stress-free experience for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


How to pay vendors with credit card using BharatNXT?


Explore the steps below to simplify vendor payments with BharatNXT using your credit card:


Step 1: Initiating the payment process


Click on the “Vendor” option in the BharatNXT app interface to begin the payment process. This action directs you to the vendor section, where you can manage your vendor payments conveniently.


Step 2: Selecting the vendor


Within the vendor section, locate and select the specific vendor to whom you want to make the payment. If it’s a new payee, you’ll need to add their details. Otherwise, if it’s an existing vendor, they will be listed in your account. You can easily search for the vendor by name or scroll through the list of vendors associated with your account.


Step 3: Adding payee details

Proceed to add the payee details, including the vendor’s name, contact information, and the payment amount. This ensures that the payment is directed to the correct recipient and facilitates smooth transaction processing. Adding accurate payee details is essential for seamless payment processing and avoids any potential errors in routing the payment.


Step 4: Reviewing information


Review the entered information to ensure accuracy and completeness. Double-checking the details helps prevent any errors or discrepancies in the payment process, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.


Step 5: Confirming the transaction


Once you’ve verified the details, confirm the transaction to initiate the payment process. This action authorizes BharatNXT to proceed with the payment on your behalf, deducting the specified amount from your credit card.


Step 6: Receiving transaction confirmation


Upon successful processing, receive confirmation of the transaction. BharatNXT will notify you that the payment has been successfully made to the vendor using your credit card. This confirmation provides assurance that the transaction was completed without any issues and serves as a record of the payment for your reference.


Benefits of using BharatNXT for vendor & business payments with credit card


Paying vendors with a credit card through BharatNXT offers several advantages, enhancing financial flexibility and facilitating smoother business operations:


  • Extended interest-free period

Businesses can benefit from an interest-free period of 45-50 days for regular business expenditures, providing ample time to manage cash flow effectively without incurring additional costs.


  • Cash discounts for early payments

By making early payments through BharatNXT, businesses can negotiate cash discounts from vendors, enabling them to save money and improve overall financial efficiency.


  • Simplified cash flow management

With BharatNXT, businesses can avoid the hassle of arranging for cash credit or overdraft facilities, leveraging their existing credit card for seamless payment transactions.


  • Resolve working capital issues

Utilizing BharatNXT for vendor and business payments helps businesses address working capital challenges by providing access to timely credit and flexible payment options.


  • Competitive transaction rates

During promotional offer periods, businesses can enjoy competitive transaction rates as low as 1.55% through BharatNXT, ensuring cost-effective payment solutions. Outside of promotional periods, the standard rate remains competitive at 1.89%.


With BharatNXT, businesses can efficiently manage vendor payment through credit card, benefiting from extended interest-free periods, cash discounts, simplified cash flow management, and competitive transaction rates.


Why choose BharatNXT to pay vendors with credit card?


In summary, BharatNXT stands out as the ideal choice for making vendor payments using credit cards due to its seamless and efficient platform. With user-friendly navigation and secure transactions, BharatNXT ensures a smooth payment experience for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s making credit card payment to vendors, managing working capital, or fixing cash flow issues, BharatNXT provides a reliable solution. Get BharatNXT app today and unlock the convenience of managing your vendor payments effortlessly with us!


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