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Effortless Rental Payment Through Credit Card Using BharatNXT

Explore the seamless method of managing your rental payments effortlessly with
BharatNXT through credit card transactions. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, BharatNXT offers a convenient solution for handling various types of rental payments with ease. From monthly rent to maintenance fees, and security deposits, BharatNXT facilitates hassle-free payments using your credit card.


Meet Sunita, a small business owner renting a coffee shop in a busy city. She has to manage multiple expenses like rent, maintenance fees, and security deposits each month. Instead of stressing over making separate payments, She decides to simplify the process by using her credit card. By doing so, She can consolidate all her payments into one platform, and earn cash back on each rent payment. With this, She also gets the benefit of a credit period of 50 days and effectively extends her cash flow, giving her more flexibility to allocate funds strategically across her business expenses. By leveraging her credit card for rental payments and related costs, Sunita not only streamlines her financial obligations but also maximizes her rewards, making her business finances more manageable and rewarding.

With BharatNXT, experience instant access to capital, simplifying your financial tasks for rent payments via credit card.


Types of rents you can pay with BharatNXT using your credit card include:


  1. Residential rent
  2. Commercial rent
  3. Rental deposits
  4. Society maintenance fees
  5. Lease payments
  6. Equipment rental fees
  7. Car or vehicle lease payments
  8. Vacation property rentals
  9. Storage unit rental fees

How to use BharatNXT to pay rent through credit card?


Discover the steps below to effortlessly manage your rental payments through BharatNXT using your credit card:


Step 1: Add / select a payee


Begin by accessing the “Payments” section in the BharatNXT app and selecting the option to add or select a payee for your rent payment. If the payee is already added, simply choose their name from the list. If not, input their details including name, contact information, and any other necessary details for future reference.


Step 2: Enter the amount


Once the payee is selected, proceed to enter the amount of rent you wish to pay for the current period. Ensure that the amount entered is accurate to avoid any discrepancies in the transaction.


Step 3: Select the payment mode


Next, choose the payment mode as “Credit Card” to make your rent payment using this method. BharatNXT app offers a secure platform for credit card transactions, ensuring the safety of your financial information.


Step 4: Transaction complete


After confirming the payment details, proceed to complete the transaction. Review the information provided to ensure accuracy, then confirm the payment. Upon successful processing, you will receive a transaction completion notification, indicating that your rent payment has been successfully made using your credit card through the BharatNXT app.


By following these simple steps, you can easily and securely pay rent through credit card, whether it’s for personal or business use


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Benefits of making rental payment through credit card with BharatNXT


  • Cost-effective transactions

With BharatNXT, the rates for rent payments are competitive, starting at 1.35% & potentially reducing to 1.25% during promotional offer periods. This allows you to make rent payments via credit card at a lower cost compared to traditional methods.


  • Extended credit period

BharatNXT provides a credit period of 40-50 days on your credit card for rental payments. This extended credit period offers flexibility in managing your finances and ensures that you have ample time to arrange for funds before the payment is due.


  • Comprehensive payment options

In addition to rent payments, BharatNXT allows you to conveniently pay for society maintenance fees and deposits using your credit card. This integrated approach simplifies your financial transactions and eliminates the need for multiple payment methods.


  • Cash-back rewards

By paying rent through BharatNXT, you can earn attractive cash-back rewards of up to 3% on each rental payment. These cash-back rewards provide additional value & savings, making your rent payments more rewarding and cost-effective in the long run.


Why choose BharatNXT for using a credit card for rent?


When it comes to using credit cards for paying rent, BharatNXT emerges as the top choice for numerous reasons. Firstly, BharatNXT offers an extended credit period of up to 50 days, providing users with ample time to manage their finances effectively without any interest charges. Moreover, BharatNXT requires no credit check, making it accessible to a wide range of users. This accessibility is complemented by the platform’s interest-free transactions, ensuring that users can make payments without incurring additional costs. 


Additionally, using BharatNXT for rental payments can positively impact one’s credit score, contributing to long-term financial health. Furthermore, BharatNXT rewards users with cash back incentives on their rental payments, adding value to every transaction. Lastly, BharatNXT provides instant access to capital, empowering users with financial flexibility and convenience. With its array of benefits, BharatNXT stands out as the optimal choice for hassle-free and rewarding rental payments through credit card. Get the BharatNXT app today to pay your rent with a credit card and enjoy the ultimate convenience!


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