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Ultimate Guide to GST Payment Through Credit Card with BharatNXT


Introducing an effortless solution for managing your GST challan payments with the added convenience of credit cards, BharatNXT is here to support your business needs. Whether you’re a business owner striving for tax compliance or an individual looking to fulfill your obligations, BharatNXT’s GST payment with credit card through the app makes the process hassle-free. With BharatNXT, you can settle your GST challans using your credit card, ensuring you stay on top of your payments without the stress. 


Meet Rohan, a small business owner who was facing a tight cash flow situation as the due date for his GST payment approached. Instead of exhausting his bank account, he decided to use his business credit card to make the payment. This strategic move allowed him up to 50 days of free credit, giving him ample time to receive payments from his clients and manage his finances without immediate outlay. The interest-free period ensured he didn’t incur additional costs, making it a cost-effective solution. Rohan also got the benefit of earning rewards and cashback on his GST payment, effectively turning a necessary expense into an opportunity for added value. This financial flexibility, combined with the benefits of using a credit card, made the process not only manageable but advantageous for Rohan’s business.


Join us as we explore how it can simplify your financial tasks, offering peace of mind for both businesses & individuals.


How to use BharatNXT to pay GST challan with a credit card?

Experience the simplicity of paying your GST challan with a credit card using
BharatNXT, designed for both personal and business use.


  • Step 1: Seamless challan generation

Begin by clicking on the GST tab within the BharatNXT app, where our platform effortlessly generates your GST challan for payment.


  • Step 2: Easy GST details input

Input your GST details seamlessly, including your GST registration number, tax period, and the amount to be paid, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


  • Step 3: Effortless payment selection

Select your pending challan from the list provided and proceed to make the payment with your credit card, with just a few simple taps.


  • Step 4: Instant transaction confirmation

Once your payment is successfully processed, receive instant confirmation of the transaction, providing you with peace of mind and assurance.


Discover the convenience and efficiency of managing your GST payments with BharatNXT. Download the BharatNXT app now and simplify your GST challan payments with ease.


Benefits of paying GST challan with credit card through BharatNXT


Making GST payment via credit card through BharatNXT offers a plethora of benefits that enhance financial management and streamline the tax payment process for businesses:


  • Cost-effective transactions

With a low transaction fee of just 0.85%, businesses can significantly reduce their expenses associated with GST payments, allowing for more efficient allocation of financial resources.


  • Enhanced security

BharatNXT ensures that all GST transactions are conducted securely on the government website, providing businesses with peace of mind and safeguarding against potential fraud or identity theft.


  • Maximizing rewards

Making a GST payment through credit card, businesses can capitalize on cashback offers and rewards provided by credit card issuers, effectively earning additional value for their transactions. 


  • Penalty-free GST payments

The option to make instant payments through BharatNXT ensures that businesses can settle their GST obligations punctually, avoiding penalties and maintaining compliance with tax regulations.


  • Flexible payment options

BharatNXT offers businesses the flexibility to invite Chartered Accountants to create challans or seamlessly create DIY challans themselves, empowering them to tailor their payment process according to their specific requirements.


  • Streamlined process

BharatNXT facilitates seamless DIY challan creation, simplifying the GST payment process and reducing administrative burden for taxpayers.


  • Access to credit

Utilizing a credit card for GST payments grants businesses access to credit, enabling them to fulfill their tax obligations even during periods of temporary cash shortages, thereby ensuring continuity of operations and avoiding disruptions.


Which types of GST challan can one pay with BharatNXT’s credit card payment option?


BharatNXT accepts various types of GST payments using credit cards, providing users with convenience and flexibility in managing their tax obligations. Users can make payments for GST challans related to GST returns, including GSTR-1 for outward supplies, GSTR-3B for monthly summary returns, GSTR-9 for annual returns, and more. 


Additionally, BharatNXT supports payments for GST challans related to tax liabilities, such as GST payment for CGST, SGST, IGST, and cess. Whether it’s filing regular returns or settling tax dues, users can rely on BharatNXT to facilitate secure credit card transactions for all types of GST challan payments, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.


Why choose BharatNXT to make a GST payment using credit card?


When it comes to handling your GST challan payments seamlessly with a credit card, BharatNXT emerges as the top choice for both personal and business users. The BharatNXT app offers a user-friendly interface that makes paying GST challans with a credit card effortless. With us, you can enjoy the flexibility of settling your tax obligations anytime, anywhere, directly through our intuitive app. We understand the importance of timely payments and strive to provide a secure and reliable platform for all your financial transactions. Download the BharatNXT app now for your GST challan payments with a credit card and experience unmatched convenience. Simplify your tax payments today with us!


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