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Refer & Earn is a marketing strategy where existing users of a service or platform are incentivized to recommend it to their network. This recommendation often comes in the form of a referral link or code, which tracks the user who made the recommendation when someone new signs up or makes a purchase, or gets a service done. In return for successful referrals, the existing user receives rewards such as cashbacks, discounts, bonus points, or other benefits.


Imagine you love using a food delivery app called “YumYum.” They have a Refer & Earn program where you earn Rs. 50 for every successful referral. You share your referral link with a cousin who also loves good food. They sign up using your link and order their first meal. Now, you both get Rs. 50! You’re happy to share your favourite app and earn extra cash while your friend gets a discount on their first order.


Read along as we discuss the benefits of a refer and earn campaign and how you can participate in BharatNXT’s campaign and win gold coins up to Rs. 2,00,000.


Benefits of participating in refer & earn campaign


You can receive immediate rewards, like cashback, discounts, or other rewards, for successfully referring friends and family who sign up and use the platform. A few other benefits of participating in a refer & earn campaign are:


  • Building trust and confidence: Seeing friends and family successfully using a service can build trust and confidence in the platform, encouraging you to explore its full potential.

  • Early access to features: Some campaigns offer exclusive access to beta programs for users who refer others. This allows them to experience cutting-edge technology before it’s available to the general public.

  • Long-term benefits: Some programs offer tiered rewards or ongoing benefits, such as fee waivers or higher interest rates, based on the number of successful referrals.


BharatNXT’s approach to refer & earn campaign


While most refer & earn campaigns offer you cashback and discounts, BharatNXT’s ’24KGoldRush’ campaign throws a unique twist on the traditional refer & earn concept. They offer you the chance to win up to 20 grams of gold and prizes worth up to Rs. 2 lakhs simply by referring friends. Here’s how the campaign works and what makes it stand out:


  • Structure: Instead of a flat-rate reward per referral, BharatNXT employs a tiered system with milestones. Each successful referral who completes a first transaction of Rs.5000 using their BharatNXT cash takes you closer to the next milestone. Reaching certain milestones unlocks cash rewards, exclusive prizes, and coveted gold coins.

  • Unique Feature: Reaching the final milestone brings the grand prize – up to 20 grams of gold! This creates a powerful incentive to go the extra mile and maximize their referrals.

  • Delivery of Rewards: The campaign distinguishes itself by specially delivering rewards. Milestone rewards are announced via email and can even be delivered straight to your home, adding a touch of excitement and surprise.

Embarking on the BharatNXT gold rush: A user’s journey


Dhairya, ever a tech enthusiast and a loyal user of BharatNXT, saw their ‘24KGoldRush’ campaign and loved the idea of earning rewards while introducing his friends to this convenient payment app. He navigated the app, found his unique referral code under the ‘Share’ button, and started his quest.


He knew he had to target his friends, who were always looking for deals and opportunities like him. He messaged his college buddy, Rounak, who constantly complained about high transaction fees.


Dhairya explained how BharatNXT offered free credit card transfers and even rewarded referrals with cash and gold! Rounak, intrigued by the prospect of striking gold (figuratively, for now), readily agreed to sign up using Dhairya’s link.


Rounak downloaded the app and used Dhairya’s link. He won a small cashback bonus when he completed his KYC and scratched the digital scratch card. This initial win and Dhairya’s encouragement motivated Rounak to make his first transaction, exceeding the Rs.5000 threshold.


With each successful referral, he received a reward:


  • Amazon Voucher worth Rs. 250 for 3 successful referrals
  • 50-gram Silver Brick on 10 successful referrals
  • 3 gram Gold Coin on 50 successful referrals

However, the prospect of earning gold kept him motivated, and he diligently shared his link with everyone he knew, from his family to his gym buddies.


The day Dhairya reached 200 success referrals, his phone buzzed with a notification, confirming his win of a gleaming 10-gram gold coin! Dhairya couldn’t contain his excitement. He’d started with a simple referral and held a piece of real gold, all thanks to BharatNXT’s innovative campaign.


Steps to participate in BharatNXT’s refer & earn campaign


Now that you know the benefits of participating in a Refer & Earn campaign, let’s discuss how you can join BharatNXT’s campaign. Here’s how it works:


  • Sign Up and Get a Referral Link: You, the existing user, sign up for the campaign and get a unique referral link.

  • Share the Link and Spread the Word: You share this link with your friends and family or through your social networks, recommending the service or platform you enjoy.

  • Your Friend Signs Up and Takes Action: When your friend/family member uses your link to sign up and completes a specific action (e.g., making a purchase or activating an account), they become a successful referral.

  • Earn Rewards for Yourself and Your Friend: Both you and your friend receive rewards! You get Rs. 250 BharatNXT cash and other exciting prizes for each referral – cashback, gold coins, and more.

Unlock rewards and benefits with BharatNXT’s refer & earn campaign


With BharatNXT’s Refer & Earn campaign, you can win up to 20 g of gold and prizes worth two lakhs! It is a multi-level referral chain program with generous rewards and simple redemption options!


With BharatNXT, entrepreneurs can get 45–50 days of interest-free credit, combine all their credit cards into one simple payment system, and earn cash back and BharatNXT rewards on all business transactions.


Moreover, transacting regularly on BharatNXT enhances your credit limit and credit score. So, download the BharatNXT app now and start referring today to take advantage of our Refer & Earn Campaign!

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