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How Credit Cards Can Empower Women-owned Businesses?

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By being different, women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others. They provide society with different solutions to management, organization, and business problems, as well as to the exploitation of women’s entrepreneurial opportunities. India has 13.5-17.5 million women-owned enterprises. 


Women entrepreneurship can potentially transform employment in India. By 2030, India’s working-age population is projected to increase by 1 billion, and 54 million fresh workers will be women. To give a major push to these numbers in India, female entrepreneurship should be encouraged and supported. Credit card lending facilities, microfinance, and other lending tools such as paying the rent with a credit card, accepting card payments online, rewards from credit cards, etc. All these should be allotted to women entrepreneurs to create better financial opportunities for women-owned enterprises.


On the other hand, women entrepreneurs haven’t enjoyed much support in starting their ventures. Unfortunately, less attention has been given to women entrepreneurs in emerging economies despite their sustainable contributions to GDP. Due to the complex interaction of socio-cultural factors, religion, and family structures, women face additional barriers to set up a successful business.


How credit cards empower women entrepreneurs?


Credit cards for women empowerment can really empower women-owned businesses in a variety of ways. Let’s break it down:


  • Financial Flexibility: Picture this – you’re running your own business and suddenly you need to restock inventory or cover some unexpected costs. With a credit card, you’ve got instant access to funds, giving you the flexibility to manage your cash flow efficiently without skipping a beat.


  • Building Credit History: Building up a solid credit history is super important for any business, right? Well, credit cards can help with that. By using them responsibly, you’re not just making purchases – you’re also building up your credit score. And that can open up all sorts of doors when it comes to getting bigger loans or other financial opportunities down the line.


  • Convenient Payment Solutions: Let’s face it, life moves pretty fast when you’re running a business. That’s where credit cards come in handy. Whether you’re buying supplies online or paying suppliers in person, credit cards offer a super convenient and secure way to make transactions, both online and offline. No fuss, no hassle – just streamlined payments that keep your business ticking along smoothly.


  • Rewards and Benefits: Here’s the fun part – rewards! Loads of credit cards offer rewards programmes tailored specifically for businesses. We’re talking cashback on purchases, sweet travel perks, or even discounts on those essential business expenses. It’s like getting a little bonus for doing what you do best – running your business!


  • Emergency Funding: Now, we all hope for the best, but sometimes life throws us a curveball. That’s where credit cards can be a real lifesaver. If your business hits a rough patch or you’re faced with an unexpected expense, having a credit card on hand means you’ve got quick access to funds. It’s like having a safety net to help you weather any storm that comes your way.

Unlocking business potential with BharatNXT credit cards


BharatNXT supports and encourages women-owned businesses. Credit cards for empowering women are issued here & can help one overcome all the barriers. This is a one-stop solution to handle all business payments using your existing credit cards or new ones. This BharatNXT app enables you to pay rent with a credit card, pay salaries via credit card, GST, utilities, or any other expense possible as this also accepts card payments online. Businesses can collaborate to make payments directly into the payee’s bank account or UPI ID via credit card and can earn instant cashback on every transaction. The app also accepts card payments online. Download the app now to claim the best rewards credit card in India. Also, paying using a credit card will give you interest-free credit and allow you to enhance your credit limit and also boost your credit score. This also helps one to shift the money from a credit card to a bank By this, you can get the desired cash in hand and make the payments ahead.


BharatNXT’s microfinance empowers women’s business dreams


BharatNXT provides microfinance schemes that can help to provide for the financial needs of women entrepreneurs, and thereby safeguard their ambitions to commence, manage and scale their own enterprises. The term microfinance includes the concept of micro-loans or loans of a nominal amount, i.e., loans of approximately ₹1-2 lakhs per person. The structuring of microfinance loans and their quick disbursement and repayment timelines have benefitted many budding entrepreneurs from both rural and semi-urban India.


Empower her and revolutionize the way they make payments for their owned enterprises with BharatNXT. Download the app today!

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