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BharatNXT’s Refer & Earn: Join Now To Earn Exciting Rewards

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BharatNXT’s Refer & Earn campaign is a golden opportunity for you to earn big while helping your friends and family simplify their business payments.


Refer and earn meaning: “Refer and earn” is a marketing approach where existing customers are rewarded for referring new customers to a business. Both the referrer and the new customer typically receive incentives or rewards when the new customer signs up or makes a purchase using the referral link or code provided by the existing customer.


BharatNXT enables business owners to consolidate all of their credit cards into a single, easy-to-use payment system, obtain 45 – 50 days of interest-free credit, and earn BharatNXT rewards and cash back on all commercial transactions. The platform also enables the full backend technology pipeline to enable B2B payments and give the best business payment experience to SMEs via the mobile application.


The Refer & Earn campaign, launched by BharatNXT, features a multi-level referral chain program, with generous rewards, and easy redemption options – you can win up to 20 g of Gold and prizes worth 2 lakhs to be won! Keep reading as we discuss the details about the campaign such as the benefits you will be getting and how you can redeem them!


Key benefits of the campaign


For us, this campaign is not just about expanding our community, but it’s about you reaping the rewards for being a loyal customer. This is why, for every successful referral you will get 150 BharatNXT Cash as usual along with another 100 BharatNXT cash which will help you rank in our all-new Golden Referral Challenge.


During this campaign, each referral will earn you exciting rewards – the more you refer, the more rewards you get. Now, let’s talk about what prizes you will get and for how many referrals:


How to earn refer & earn rewards?


Now that you know what kind of rewards you can get by participating in BharatNXT’s refer & earn campaign, let’s talk about how you can earn them.


So, the process of earning these rewards is as simple as referring BharatNXT to your friends. Recommend BharatNXT to your friends and family, and the moment they sign up through your unique referral link and make their first transaction, you earn points or rewards based on the table’s criteria.


For example, if you refer 3 friends, you’ll earn an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 250. Referring to 20 friends unlocking a 1 gram gold coin worth Rs. 7,000, and so on. The more people you refer to, the higher the value of your reward.

Here are some additional details and tips that will help you easily claim these incredible prizes:


  • Transaction Reminder: Gently remind your friends to make their first transaction of at least Rs. 5000 to ensure a successful referral.
  • Authentic Referrals: Ensure that the BharatNXT app is installed on a new device without prior BharatNXT installation for each referral to be considered valid.

Ask your friend to scratch their 100 Cashback cards after successfully completing the KYC process. They can then use this cashback to make their first transaction of at least ₹5000 for FREE.


So, what are you waiting for? Share your referral link with as many people as possible – the more you refer, the more you win!


How do I participate in the campaign?


Here is how you can participate in BharatNXT’s Refer & Earn campaign to earn rewarding cashback on every transaction and stand a chance to secure exclusive gold rewards:


  • You refer your friends to BharatNXT by sending them an invite link from the App.
  • Your friends download BharatNXT’s app using your referral link.
  • Your friend makes a successful transaction of at least Rs. 5000 on the app.
  • For each referral, you get an exciting reward—cashback, gold coins, and more—along with the Rs. 250 BharatNXT cash.

Basically, for every friend you bring in, and for every successful transaction of at least Rs. 5000 they make, you earn a whopping Rs. 250 in cashback. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Suppose, you refer to 10 friends, and each of them makes a deposit of Rs. 5000. Quick maths—10 friends, Rs. 250 each, you do the calculation. Yes, you’ve just earned Rs. 2500 in cash back, and that’s just the beginning. The more referrals you make, the more exciting rewards you get.


Now, the exciting part—redeeming your points! You don’t really have to do anything to redeem these. All rewards will be shared over email and/or delivered to your home.


Why should you choose BharatNXT?


That was all about our refer earn campaign! Now, let’s discuss why you should collaborate with BharatNXT:


  • You get up to 50 days of free credit to pay suppliers, GST, rent, and utilities.
  • No additional charges—meaning zero interest—as long as you repay within the credit period.
  • You get instant access to capital – you can use your credit cards to make instant payments.
  • Your very first transaction on the BharatNXT app (up to Rs. 4000) is absolutely free.
  • It accepts almost all major cards including RuPay, American Express, Mastercard and Visa.

Join the refer and earn campaign now!


The takeaway? The more friends you refer to, the more you earn. And as your cash backs and points pile up, so do your chances of earning 6 grams worth of gold, and major cashback for all your business payments.


BharatNXT app is your go-to payments app for seamless transactions is on a mission to transform the way you handle day-to-day business payments. Whether it’s vendor payments, GST payments, rent, or utility bills, we’ve got you covered. What’s more, we’re doing it with minimal convenience fees and showering you with rewarding cashback on every transaction.


To reap the benefits of our Refer & Earn Campaign, start referring now!

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