About Us

BharatNXT’s Vision is to Be the preferred partner for SMEs on their journey to becoming large corporations for their Business Payments, Credit, Compliance, and Sourcing needs through Next Level Business Payment experiences.

Our origin story has a simple premise, Credit Cards are a great Financial tool, but the most underutilized as the acceptance for the same is abysmal.
Typical B2B Payments
B2B Payments that can be made with Credit Cards
We want to change this and increase the credit card acceptance of both EXISTING retail and commercial cards. Having realized that the B2B credit card ecosystem cannot be built like the Retail Merchant ecosystem- by on-boarding each seller as a merchant, BharatNxt comes in to create the required Acceptance Mechanism to support the utilization on the cards.

We have begun our journey by starting off with Vendor Payments on credit cards, Rentals (office, warehouse showrooms etc), Utility and GST Payments, and expect to move towards more end use controlled use cases for SMEs focused on compliance spends.

In our current avatar this allows Credit Card Holders to consolidate and use their existing credit cards as a working capital facility to unlock upto 45-50 days of interest free credit, while earning Rewards and Cashbacks on business payments. BharatNXT enables the entire backend technology rails to make B2B payments possible and deliver the best business payments experience to SMEs through our Mobile App.

BharatNXT is owned and operated by FCAP Technologies Pvt Ltd, is backed by marquee investors and is a sister brand for Finovate Capital. Finovate Capital is well regarded in Supply Chain Finance and has processed in excess of 24,000 SME Invoices.

We have a well credentialed management team, with a stellar execution track record and a combined execution track record of 60+ years.

Akshat Birla

Founder, CEO
17+ years, Samsung, Credit Suisse, i2 Technologies, INSEAD
“Seasoned Finance and Tech veteran, having run Samsung’s Fintech practice and launched Samsung Pay in India to 20M devices, knows how to build scalable operations”

Aljo Joseph

Founder, CBO
16+ years with Big 4s, Private Equity and in Entrepreneurship
“Serial Entrepreneur, business strategist for large global MNCs, certified enterprise architect and start-up mentor are some of the hats he wears”

Pravin Tiwari

16+ years, Techpreneur | Product Geek | Option Greeks
“Serial Entrepreneur working at the intersection of Finance & Tech, leveraging quant to simplify/deliver scalable/low-latency/digital-first products and services”

Shikha Gera

18+ years, Ernst & Young, McKinsey & Company, ISB
“Strategy and Operations veteran with experience of working with small, medium and large corporate consumers, understanding their challenges/perspectives to design and operate scalable business models in Digital Finance, lending and Payment solutions.”
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